Thursday, February 25, 2010

No gym today but busy

  • had my 3 year old's special day at school - so cute
  • made banana bread
  • made turkey meatloaf
  • shoveled the driveway
  • cleaned about a hundred bowls and pans (due to the cooking - see last post)
The gym was not in the plan but I was happy to go out and shovel the slush that was forming. Hubby hurt his knee the other night playing hockey so he is unable to perform the manly duties. Step up MOMMMY, so as the turkey meatloaf was cooking in the oven I was out shoveling. I felt quite accomplished.

I also have taken up knitting again.


  1. You should just call yourself Super Mommy! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I will explain the body bugg today. So I see you do triathlons. That's awesome. I will be doing my first tri in April. And my first Half Ironman in May at Disney.
    I was reading some of you other post and I really like them.
    Food wise, I take an entire day and prep food and snacks for my entire next week. I measure out my stuff, bag it,freeze it, cook it. It is time consuming but in the long run it saves us time during the week.
    Check out my other blog too. It's a support group created online and we post virtual events to support each other, recipes for the week, and some times I post food 101.
    Again thanks for stopping by!

  3. I have been toying with the idea of picking up knitting again. I made my 16 year old a pair of slipper socks for Christmas. Started then SUMMER OF '08 and she got them Christmas '09. Yeah, I rock. oxo


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