Friday, February 19, 2010

Heart rate monitor

I have a heart rate monitor, I also have a Garmin. However, I only use the Garmin when I am outside and lately I have not been outside. I am not really aware on how to use the heart rate monitor as a training tool, zones and such. I asked ironlady if she could help out and she needs me to send my age and my rest heartrate as well as my steady effort pace.

I am looking forward to using my heart rate as a training tool.

Do you use a heart rate monitor ? Do you use zones as a training tool ?


  1. I don't use one now. When I was a rower that's how we trained in the off season...with out monitors. We'd have to hit our zones and then stay there for a period of time. It worked pretty well although there were points where I felt like I wasn't working hard enough but my rate was in the right zone.

  2. i lost a part of my heart rate monitor. i think i need a new one, it's a good training tool

  3. I do not use a heart rate monitor but I have encountered many who do. Can't wait to hear if it works for you.


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