Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How do you workout when kids are sick ?

I would say 99% of my working out is at the gym. That is because they have this awesome sitting room with awesome sitters and I have a 3 year old and a 5 year old, neither in a full day program yet. Which means they are pretty much always around, so if I want to work out, I go to the gym, put them in the sitting room, they have a huge fun playdate time and I get to work out.

Well my 5 year old has a fever again. I plan on taking her to the doc today to see what it is. Point is, this is 2 days in a row that I am unable to get my workouts in b/c I can't get to the gym. Yes I have a treadmill and a bike trainer downstairs BUT I can't do them until girls are asleep, which is really like 8 to 9 pm, and quite frankly I am exhausted by then and 99% likely NOT to do it.

How do you deal with a change in your plans ? Do you have a backup plan ?

My plan is if hubby is home and he is going to work out in basement, i will work out with him, one on bike one on treadmill and we will watch the biggest loser. any bets on if this happens


  1. Oh I have no idea how you mommies make it work. But, I do try to have a back up plan if some workouts don't work for me... due to late meetings, or pool being closed, etc.

  2. Oh, that's hard. But your plan sounds good to me!

  3. omg, I'm so living your life! have 4 yr old twins, and *heart* my gyms day care...as long we we're all well1;-) found you via run faster mommy;-)

  4. i completely understand! I have a 4, 2, and newborn and cannot get a "real" workout done until they crash at night.

    I "tri" and fit in small bursts of fitness whenever I can. I make it a game of running up/down the stairs with them as many times as I can. we do lunges and squats and dance around to music. I jump rope why they are playing trucks, etc.

    It definitely isn't ideal and I would MUCH rather workout alone, but it works as a back up. Every little bit counts, right? ;)

    hope your little one feels better soon!


what are you triing

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