Wednesday, February 17, 2010

non running injury

Today was a day off.

I went to get money from the bank machine and the parking lot at the local supermarket was all ice, I was amazed that it was not shoveled. OK, not the parking lot but the walkway INTO the stores. It was not just icy, it was bumpy and there was NOT even salt throw on it. As I gingerly walked my way to the bank, I thought I was in the clear and WHOOP, I caught a piece of ice and fell. I ripped my jeans and got a scrape and bump on my knee, plus you know when you fall like that you wake up the next day realizing 9 other parts of your body hurt.

Tomorrow is swim with ironlady so I believe that won't be so bad for the injury, but spin or running on saturday at tri class...could be a bit painful.


  1. Ouch! I'm glad you're alright! Ice just sucks.

  2. ooh, falls on ice..not bueno...and it ripped your jeans?! ugh!


what are you triing

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