Thursday, February 4, 2010

swim, swim and more swimming

I probably talk about the swim the most b/c it is where I could improve the most. I swam with ironlady today and it was the first time i was allowed to PULL. Don't ask. Of course once my technique all fell apart she put me back to balance kick and catch up. BUT I do think overall I am getting a better more efficient stroke. The fun part will be when I start open water swimming. Because my problem is spotting, I get scared that I am going in the wrong direction and pop up to the breaststroke. This happens as well b/c prior to my classes (last year) i would just breath whenever, usually holding my breath for a few strokes, NOW after classes I breath every stroke and this should help with sighting.

I am also thinking bout buying a wetsuit. I wore my tri suit for the 3 tris i did last year and i was FINE in the water but they were in july , august and sept. There is a swim I want to do in May and i will need a wetsuit. Thoughts ????

I am going to the Y tonight and filming hubby swim so he can see how his stroke looks. We have a sitter and we were supposed to have dinner but we are doing this ?? are we insane ??


  1. cool that you are both into it, sounds healthy and positive to me... on so many different levels!

  2. I have only rented a wetsuit before and it makes a HUGE difference in the water. I feel like it makes me just a little more buoyant in the water. I can't imaging open water in May w/o a wetsuit. BRRRR.

    I too struggle with sighting. My first open water I think I did the breast stroke for 700 of the 800 meters :) My second open water I started heading in the wrong direction after the first buoy(We swam in a triangle) thankfully there was a volunteer floating on a boogie board that grabbed my leg and asked where in the heck I was headed!!!

    Have fun tonight swimming and getting some grub with the hubby!!

  3. nice;-) I have a zoot suit (wetsuit) and I really like it. It was pricey though (for me) but I think worth the investment. I've had mine now for ~3 years.

  4. excellent date night. you guys are hard core.

  5. no way! we get a sitter on sundays so we can swim together at a masters swim team. it is romantic in its own way.


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