Saturday, February 20, 2010


This am was triclass with ironlady. Swam, spinned and then ran. Sometimes I find the swimming frustrating b/c I still have to use fins and do drills. It is as if you forget all the technique each time you leave the pool. BUT patience is a virtue. I also realize that I am learning to be a better, more efficient swimmer who will have endurance. Spin was good. For the run she told us we were going to run 15 minutes, first 5 at an easy steady effort, the second 5 at the goal pace we want to run in a sprint tri, then the last 5 at easy steady pace. I LOVED this. As soon as i heard it out of her mouth I thought it was great. I love challenging myself and I love the idea of actually thinking about a pace that you WANT to do in a race. So I started running at 5.2 and moved to 5.5 for the first 5, I was thinking about my goal run pace for a sprint tri and I want to be able to do 8.30 minute miles. So I pumped it up to 6.9 and started running. HOLY shit it was hard, but 5 minutes - that is all 5 minutes - I can do that right ?? So I am huffing and puffing away and ironlady comes over to ask what I am at, she says "ok, at 7 minutes put it up to 7.0 and then at 9 minutes put it to 7.2"
I said " REALLY", and she said "yes, you can do that, right ? for a minute you can do that." YES I can, and I did, and it was hard, and it was challenging and that is exactly why I am doing this class. BRING IT.

Who challenges you ? What challenges you ?


  1. OMG! That is an amazing pace- I don't think my legs would even move that fast! Great job- you're my hero!

  2. I always use fins and do drills at every swim workout. These are good things!! That is a great run on th 'mill! You should be proud. That is what my coach would call 'teaching your brain to shut up, so your body can do more than your brain thinks it can". good stuff!


what are you triing

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