Friday, July 16, 2010

boot camp

my trainer is on vacation this week so i decided to do a boot camp at the gym today. i knew i would not motivate myself to do weights so i figured this would be great. ironlady was teaching. yikes. it was great and i felt good, although i see myself drinking water long enough to not start a set and just catch up, i see myself cheating and i hate it. but it was good and there were some areas that i knew i was stronger in from working with the trainer. tricip dips, i used to never be able to do these in boot camp, i rocked it. also some ab work, i would not be able to do and i was doing it. granted my butt bone has a sore on it but it was all worth it. i am sure i will be sore tomorrow but i am hoping to wake up and get a brick done. i have a tri august 8th and i really ahve not been doing many bricks yet. i also want to try out a some nutrition - i bought some hammer stuff and want to see if it is ok with my tummy.

my knee hurts when i extend it and i am thinking i might need to see a doc and get some pt. arghghghghgh.

hubby does NYC tri on sunday and i am watching sans kids - can't wait to attend the expo !!! woot woot. i am so proud of hubby and his training. he works all the time and has NO time for himself, so i am impressed how he fit it all in. to anyone else doing the nyc tri - good luck !!!

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