Friday, July 2, 2010

good swim, bad addict

This am swim was great. Ladies were super nice, all various levels, me being in the middle and feeling good. The best part of the swim was my googles DID NOT FOG UP !!! wahoo. i used the baby shampoo dilution and it is the bomb diddty bomb bomb.

I am an addict. I can't stop. I hate myself. I am seriously addicted to sugar. I have to talk myself away from the stuff. Why do I have such little self control ? I know it is what keeps me at 128 and I really want to be at 120 .....and get my body FAT down. but i keep going back, it calls my name. tonight after my subway sandwich (at least i have kicked mcdee's to the curb) i needed something...and i knew just what to do. I had no sweets in the house worthy of this craving. So my lazy ass whipped up some nestle toll house cookies from scratch....and guess what ? i have no chocolate chips, so they are nothing cookies ? NO chocolate chip cookies ? what would you call them. Well no matter it was the cookies themselves i wanted, no it was the doughy stuff that is not cooked, i ate spoonfuls straight from the bowl. oh the heavenly taste. i just kept shoveling it in. not even thinking about it. i finally put the shit away and now of course my tummy aches and i am disgusted in myself - only to do it again tomorrow I am sure. WTF. I really want to get off this shit.

Sugar rehab ??? help


  1. There are worst things to be addicted too. It's just sugar. ;-)

  2. I agree with Lisa. Better sugar than the 'hard' stuff. It takes a lot of willpower to resist the stuff, I know. I also know I fail miserably from time to time. Curious..128 tall are you? I seem to remember maybe you mentioning 5'6"? If so, that is already a really good weight.

  3. yes i know weight is ok at 5'5" BUT i have a belly that won't go away and i swear it is my nutrition. i am considering a dairy and gluten elimanation diet...holy cow that should be a fun week huh ?? maybe i just need to get more ab work in my weekly workouts .....and i think imight just go get a spoonful of cookie dough......


what are you triing

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