Saturday, July 24, 2010

Foam roller

So I used the foam roller this week, twice. It seems to have helped with my knee pain. Go figure. Most folks i discussed my knee pain with said it was probably IT band related and that the foam roller would help.

I used the one at the gym and plan on buying one for home. Anyone recommend where to get a foam roller cheap ? Do you use one ? I swear it is torture, but that is also how the deep tissue massage I had felt and that worked wonders.

Ocean swim was great this AM. The water was actually much colder than it has been and it took my breath away. It took me a good while for me to get in the rhythm, I kept catching my breath b/c of the cold. I have really been trying to focus on all the darn technique that I learned from ironlady. Pulling, rotating, fingertip, reach and glide. It is hard but at least I am getting it in there in the ocean.

Tomorrow is a brick. I have not done many of them and really need to focus on them. I plan on trying out some nutrition as well.


  1. I use google shopping. It's great. Go for free shopping. I have the trigger point foam roller and it has been keeping my ITB at bay.

  2. I have heard nothing but great things about foam rollers:) It is on my list of things to purchase in the future.

    Also, great job on the ocean swim!

  3. i got one from the PT that I was seeing a few years ago, not sure where you buy them. it is torture for sure, but also very effective!

  4. I love my foam roller. I got it cheap at Target, actually...check it out. Good luck with it!

  5. My advice is to get a heavy duty one if you plan to use it alot. We had a great one in my first personal training studio and then I made the mistake of buying cheaper ones in the second studio. They get smooshed and dont work as well. One like this will be worth the extra $$

  6. My husband uses the one at our gym. and I have used it once (total torture).

    I started my running this weekend. Unfortunately, It was after I had been doing two a days at the gym for 7 days.
    I thought I was gonna die just after a mile 1/2.

    Today Im not feeling so hot. Will it ever get easier?

  7. love my foam roller and it DOES help ITB issues, which I sometimes deal with. I got mine cheap at Walmart.


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