Monday, July 5, 2010

electrolytes, salt, sodium

talk to me folks. I do not like recovery drinks. I tried one a while back and let's just say it had an run effect on my system.

I also get a sour stomach from many of the drinks I have tried. I stick to water and I enjoy luna moons or other stuff like that, the sports beans. Recently hubby has been feeling nauseous after his ocean swims, or after a day at the beach. He is training for an olympic tri. He sweats a LOT. He is thinking that he is losing too much salt and not getting it back in time, and it just gets worse with the heat and being at the beach. So he bought salt pills, and he explained to me how it is not just salt, but electrolytes and sodium. I was thinking I don't do any type of drink with electrolytes so am i not getting that back in my system ???

Any knowledge about salt pills _ when, where, why, how ?


  1. If you don't do long workouts (over 60 min) you probably don't need to worry about electrolytes. The body is smart and you'll probably crave some salt later in the day. If you work out for longer, in the heat, than you may want to try Endurolytes (yes, it is not only sodium, it's potassium and chloride, too). I use them, as well as Nuun with water. The amount you need will depend on how hot, how much you sweat, how you feel!

  2. nuun is what I use for electrolyte replacement - no carbs though, just electrolytes.

    for long stuff i like accelerade

  3. agreed w/running and living.

    and i like the nuun tablets too;-)

  4. That's tough and I'm sorry to say I don't have much advice. I used to use salt tabs on really long bike rides, but I did find that they could upset the stomach, so I think it's a delicate balance. Good luck with it.

  5. another nuun vote here. However, I do use Amino Vital for loooong training sessions when I need to replace calories.

  6. SaltStick tablets have been my savior for miami training

  7. I love NuuN and also the Hammer products like Perpetuem. Those are really good.


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