Wednesday, July 28, 2010

isolate muscles

No news on house stuff.

Worked with trainer today. did you know that while i was doing leg climbers, one knee bent other leg out and you do sit up, my hip was cramping. When she heard me say this she said I use every muscle but my stomach. She help my feet and put my legs together and then i did it and wow, hello tummy muscles where have you been. Why on heaven's earth has my bottom compensated for my lazy tummy ????


  1. Amazing how the body compensates when something is weak! Good thing you got that identified. :)

  2. my abs are my weakness too.

  3. It is a real challenge to keep your legs from 'helping' with ab exercise. Glad you got that sorted out!

  4. x 2 with Kovas. It takes more effort than one might might think to engage the muscles you are trying to engage while excising.


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