Sunday, July 4, 2010

workout date

tomorrow hubby has off but girls still have swim camp, so we plan on dropping them off and going for a workout. I plan on running but I think hubby wants to bike then run.

I did a 16 mile bike this am. I normally do about a 10 mile bike ride, so today I wanted to go longer - my plan was 2o but i went into a park area and it was just too crowded. I have to say I didn't think the more miles would make a difference but it did. I tried not to worry bout how fast and just get the miles done. My ass was starting to hurt, and i thought how the hell do folks do more then that and not break their ass.

We are in for a heat wave. I should probably do ocean swims every day !!! I am missing out on my tri groups first ocean swim tomorrow am. I could go and let hubby take the kids to swim camp on his own but i thought we rarely have time on our own that I would rather take some time with him sans kids. I plan on using the heat wave as some good mental toughness training. Pushing myself through the pain and going past what I think I can do.

Do you have any favorite sunscreen you use while working out ? for face I use Neutrogena every AM workout or not BUt for body I am wondering if anyone uses something specific for any reasons.

I finally did a food shopping at whole foods and got lots of veggies and fruits that i plan on using !!!

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  1. The Kid will be at Swim school this week too! His 2nd week. If you see me say HI!
    I use Faces sunblock on my face- I forget what brand... and I use what ever spray I use on the kids on my arms and shoulders. And sometimes Coppertone Sport spray. The kind you don't have to rub in at all. It's never sticky and seems to work just fine.
    I need to get myself in the ocean SOON! My first tri is coming up and I haven't done open water yet. eeeek! Are you doing the Jersey Girl Tri?


what are you triing

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