Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i interrupt this tri blog to stress about something else

putting an offer in on a house. STRESS. It is already effecting me. I planned on going to gym to get 4 miles or more on treadmill, but now I start thinking I could squeeze in less mileage outside while girls at storytime. back and forth in my head, back and forth.

it is all good. if we get it, great, if not no biggie, something else will come along. this needs to be my mantra. this is a good thing to have to deal with not a bad thing.


  1. Been there. We went through that process about two years ago. We lost a couple, but that is ok, we landed a good one!

  2. Been there got the shirt. AND I am never moving again!

  3. You'll get it right--just listen to your mind/gut. Hang in there.

  4. Good luck with getting the house! I think you have the right attitude...it will happen if it is meant to be:) If not, there is something better for you! Stay positive and don't stress!

  5. Hi new follower, I saw you commented on Endurance Athlete Project, which is half me. Thanks.

    Good luck on the house.


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