Friday, July 9, 2010

much easier to get back in the game

we spent the night away - me and the girls, just about 30 minutes away at a friend's house, but it was away, out of our element, it was vacation type, beach, ice cream, playing. it was all VERY fun. the girls did amazing. I realize how long it has been since I have done something out of my habitual life.

I woke this morning at someone else's house, i had instant oatmeal with apples, no ice t. my normal bfast is oatmeal with berries and an ice t. my point is, normally after NOT being on my normal routine I would bag working out and go load up on bacon and eggs to REnormalize myself. NOT this time. I went to the boards and did some interval work and felt great. I felt strong and I realized my mind set has started to change. I didn't use a cop out. I stuck to a plan even though my daily routine was thrown off. I am so glad I did.

i just followed badwater race on twitter. seriously these people are insane.


  1. THOSE PEOPLE are insane? I am in awe of your own fitness insanity lately. SERIOUSLY. You are killing it. So awesome.

  2. good job getting out there even though your day started off differently than usual

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend out of the box! Glad you enjoyed it.


what are you triing

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