Tuesday, October 12, 2010

5k race report

My running group was meeting around 8am, the race didn't start till 930am, i got there around 8.15. I was nervous. We did a warm up (oh and I ran to the race - bout 10 minutes) warm was good, we were chatting a bunch which helped my nerves. Then we stretched, then we did some striders and then we walked over to the start. The coach had us up in the front....i never go to the front, too intimidating, but I was following the group. We saw other ladies we know who are fast.

Coach and one other woman are faster than the other 3 of us, so we knew they would be ahead. However, I was not sure how the other 2 and I would do but I did NOT want to hold them back. We got a bit lost right at start (only a 500 person race) then we found each other, but about a half mile in, 1 of us surged ahead, i could see she just was able to and I was happy for her and glad she wanted to do well and not just push us on. The one other lady was ahead of me but I could see her and just stayed on her. The first half mile felt ok, it was fast but I felt ok, i also felt ok b/c i knew the course and the hills. The first mile I did 8.02ish, I was surprised and I just tried to stay at the pace. I also just tried to keep my form and keep my mental thoughts positive. I tried to not think about how the lady was ahead of me, but instead how I was right there with her. I tried to think I am strong and I did feel strong. Mile 2 was another 8minutes and I tried to just focus on the fact that we had only 1 mile left and instead of feeling tired and beaten, I tried to stay strong. A little into the third mile I heard a friend behind me say drop your shoulders and open up you chest, it was a friend who is super fast and wins the races, but she was pushing her 2 kids in a stroller. it was great to have her support. With 800 left I just tried to stay strong, hubby and the kids where there and the girls really cheered for me and I was so happy to see them. It wasn't that feeling of ugh I am dying, it was more, I am strong and doing this. Then it was on the track to finish up and I just did the best I could. I wasn't sure where my time was at b/c the last mile had no marker. I came upon the finish and saw the clock at what I thought said 26 minutes and I was like no way i can't believe i did not beat my time from last year, but then i looked again and it was 25 minutes and i was like yeaaaaaaa - just run. I crossed at 25.38. I was last out of my group, but I was happy with my time, I was happy with how I felt both physically and mentally and it made me realize I can do better.

Did a warm down with the coach and then enjoyed the kids dash, where both my girls sprinted their hearts out.

Today I opted to get a boot camp class in and will do the running group on thursday am. My goal is to get back to strength and now that this 5k is out of the way i need to start implementing the goal.


what are you triing

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