Thursday, October 14, 2010

acorn squash


woke up too late to make the running class. i could have rushed the girls but they both have runny noses and i just didn't want to push them. i thought i would run later in the day BUT my quads are still sore so i just skipped it.

made chili, i love chili, but i overeat it all the time.

i am curious how long after you eat cheese you would feel something if you were intolerant to cheese ????

i bought acorn squash, what do you have more ? recipes please ?

do you run outside in the winter ? do you do races in the winter ?


  1. yes, I run in the winter. i even run short races (5Ks) in the winter.

  2. I LOVE the acorn squash recipe I made the other night:
    1. cut squash in half and back at 350 for 30 min, flip it and bake 30 more minutes.

    2. make brown rice, mix in walnuts and craisins.

    3. fill rice mixture into the acorn squash halves


  3. I'm going to try to run outside this winter, but I have cold-induced asthma, so it can be tricky. I hate running with something over my face, but I have to once it starts dropping below 10 degrees Celcius (so, like, starting now). We'll see how it goes! If all else fails, I'll be on the treadmill in the basement.


what are you triing

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