Thursday, October 28, 2010

wait to swim after you have eaten

we remember that rule right ? i don't believe anyone follows that anymore.

We wound up sleeping in late today, i turned my alarm OFF instead of the snooze. So I missed my running class. I am bummed, but I can run today and I am not beating myself over it. However, the tricky part is that I just eat lunch now b/c after i run i won't have time for a while to eat and I knew I would need more than my bfast which was hours ago. However, I also feel like I might be running to close to having just eaten. Do you time your eating before working out ?

It is easy when I do a morning workout b/c i have my oatmeal and then workout - nothing to worry about. But when I have to run in the afternoon or night it throws me off. There is actually a 10k we like to do out where my inlaws live and the race starts at 5pm ??? I get all crazy about my eating and timing.

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  1. I almost always run in the morning so I eat either nothing if I'm going under 10 miles or a 1/2 bagel at least an hour before if I'm going longer. I have an elaborate pre-race plan for marathons.


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