Monday, October 4, 2010

intervals on my own, roasted veggie soup

So it sounds like I will be running the race naked, i am pretty sure that will work best.

I wound up getting a run in on sunday am, i ran a mile to a local track, then i did 4 x 400's, and the mile back home.

I was so glad to get something in. I am also getting obsessed with the fact that some folks in my running class get to run more often then I do. I realize how much more they are getting and it is making me realize that if I really want to go faster I need more days of running. consistently.

I saw the coach this am and she recommended i come thursday am b/c they are running the course. I only signed up for one day so i will skip tomorrow and go thursday BUT i asked someone to email me what the workout is. I think the plan is to run tomorrow (intervals at the gym on treadmill), wed - spin OR strength and thursday run with group, friday off or light something, saturday a run with some striders and such. sunday the race. i am putting too much pressure on it i know, b/c i am starting to get nervous NOW ??? I am nervous b/c i want to do well, i want to better than I ever have, I don't want to disappoint myself.

I went and made Pioneer Woman's Roasted Veggie Minestrone soup....i took many liberties but HOLY COW - it was so yummy !!! I am so proud that I went out of my box and cooked something I wasn't sure how i would like. I found another great dish that is healthy...wahooooo.

here are the stats from my run
First mile @ 10.42
1st 400 @ 1.43
2nd 400 @ 1.47
3rd 400 @ 1.46
4th 400 @ 1.44
Third mile @ 11.20

Now that I look at the times I should have been faster on the warm up and warm down since the intervals were not that much.

the rain is really NOT making me happy.


  1. You WILL do well!!

    YAY on the Roasted Veggie soup ---- sounds amazing.


what are you triing

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