Monday, October 25, 2010

life is a beach.....

this was the view on my 4 mile run today ...not too shabby huh ?

I had 2 hours while kids where in school, due to the gorgeous weather I needed a change in my running i drove the 10 minutes to the beach and ran on the boards. So so nice. Other folks were dressed as if it was the artic, but i was in shorts and a tank and got 4 miles done.

4 miles in 38.37
mile 1 -9.49
mile 2 -9.37
mile 3 -9.19
mile 4 -9.49
I was going for a tempo run trying to get my 2 miles in btw to be faster than the first and last. However, mile 2 was against the wind most of the way and it was rough. I feel so blessed to be able to leave close to such beauty.

Last chili batch I made was not it's normal delish ?? I am getting bored on the cooking front and need something new and yummy !!!!

tomorrow boot camp.....goal ....focus on form and give 8lbs a try as opposed to the 5 lbs of having been using for dumb bells.


  1. Wow--spectacular. Call me green!

  2. Nice beach, it looks so serene! We have a gorgeous coast line right here but if I didn't live along the coast, I'd still drive ten minutes just to run here. There's nothing like it!

  3. muy pretty;-) hope you liked the run.
    also thanks for your input on your group running experience. much appreciated!

    and take the 8's and the 5's maybe for the last set;) you WILL do it!

  4. I think running with a view of the beach must be so rejuvenating. Although running in sand is really tough! I wish where we go to the beach had a way to run out of the sand but still have the view.

  5. So jealous you get to run on the beach! gorgeous!


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