Friday, October 29, 2010

help me decide what workout to do ...

today i did not go to boot camp, sometimes hubby being home just doesn't pan out like i think it will.

So tomorrow i want to workout, i feel like the easiest thing to do is go for a run at some point. But i checked the gym and they have a basic yoga class at 8 - which i really have wanted to TRY and get into, and then they also have some sweat shop class - so i could get my boot camp in. what to do ??? yoga ? run ? boot camp ? of course i am fully aware that I will probably NOT get up and out for the classes but one never knows right ??

oh part of the decision is due to my shin REALLy bothering me and i am going to have to go and get myself a torture massage on it.

shoudl i add that i had 3 buttercrunch cookies (remember those packs with 3 cookies in it from lindens ?? love them) and then a take 5 ...cleary i am having hormones ...

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what are you triing

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