Tuesday, October 19, 2010

bad habits

we have a major bad habit going on in this house and i am torn. we ALL go to sleep too late, my kids included. I use to have bedtime under a strict rule and it was great, by 8pm the kids were sound asleep and I had MY time. Now it doesn't matter what time I start bedtime, be it 7.30 or 9 - they are up and they are annoying. My older one does not fall asleep till 10 most nights. The problem is that our earliest have to be place is 10am !!! My older one sleeps in and it creates me to not get up and at em. As I lounge on the couch I think damn I missed the boot camp class BUT then I think, next year she will be in full day and I will NEVER have this again ???

The rain didn't help.

Now I am trying to rework the schedule of workouts and make sure I get in what I want to get in ...I was thinking of taking a class at the gym that goes on at 6pm but I feel bad dragging the kids there that late.

life is good.


  1. I get my kid up early (even though I am not a morning person) and this helps bedtime go smoothly and quickly. Then it's MY TIME!

    I guess it doesn't hurt I Ferberized him as a baby...bad mommy, but happy mommy with a sound sleeper.

  2. yeah, it's hard w/kidz. I will say though having the kids on a consistent bed time/wake time makes 'happy' time for all. ezr said than done i know!;-)

  3. It gets worse when they become teenagers. They never go to bed and they never get out of bed.


  4. I do what Regina does. My son is more rested when he goes to be early and gets up early.

  5. I have a hard enough time getting my butt to the gym as it is! I can't even imagine how tough it is with kids.


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