Friday, October 8, 2010

gym memberships

Currently I belong to a local gym that I love. It has a pool, classes, a top notch sitting room. I have been there about 3 years. The number one reason I have belonged to this particular club was due to the sitting room. It is excellent and the only place I was willing to put my girls.

Now my girls are in school at the same time. I am able to get a workout done outside (run or bike) but that will change when the weather changes - BUT i have a treadmill and bike trainer in basement that I could use. BUT i love the classes ....and the pool....

The local dance studio that my girls go to is also a fitness center. It is where I am taking my running class. I could join as a fitness member and they have boot camp and various classes, as well as spin and they have sitting as well (the girls go now while i run). So the only thing missing is a pool to swim. BUT we have a family member ship to the Y and i could use the pool there. I do believe I would be saving approx over 500 bucks ??? Although right now money is not really the concern...but it helps....

what do you do ? gym ?? boot camp ? in house ? if you had made a switch why ???


  1. The gym provides two distinct but necessary functions for me -

    1) To get completely annoyed by people who have no clue about pool etiquette when I am swimming.

    2) To get completely annoyed by steroid raging MMA freaks when I am lifting.

    I wouldn't have it any other way.

  2. I belong to a gym basically because of the reasons you listed. It has a pool, classes, my fav. yoga class, kids club, and other amenities that I like. I've thought about joining the Y, but there's not one really close to us. I'm all for saving money though, and $500 is a big chunk! If I were in your shoes I'd probably switch things around and save the $$.

  3. I do the Y because we have 4 months of intense winter conditions here. Also, it has a pool and the only gym/fitness club that does in the Fargo area. And... I love the fitness classes available.

  4. I have a gym membership and then options at home too when its tough to make it to the gym. I would say if you could have all the same options without the gym membership, then it would be a good idea to save the money. If you really don't care for the other sites though, and know you would miss having the option of the gym, then keep it if you can afford it. At least, that is how I would approach it.

  5. I'm giving up my gym membership as I find I do most of my workouts at home anyway. I'm for saving money so that would be the option I would choose!! Think of all the new running outfits you could get!


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