Saturday, October 2, 2010

should i race naked ?

so next week is a 5k that i want to do and i want to run fast. i have some goals. here is my question. do i run with my garmin or not ?

can see how i am doing and if slow - pick it up, can help me pace myself ??

can see when i am going fast and mentally that makes me hold back ????

i am thinking of NOT using it b/c i just wind up looking at it too much and it will distract me.


  1. I vote for doing the 5K sans Garmin.

    I seem to do better when I'm not constantly checking my Garmin. But I always wear it for longer races so that I have some idea how far I've gone/how far I have left to go.

  2. Go without! It's so good to learn to run by feel, or even with something less high-tech that will draw your attention the entire time. You'll learn what your true paces feel like.

    Let us know what you decide!

  3. I've been racing naked for years. Totally recommend it! Focus on pushing yourself right to the limit during that 5K and then you'll see afterward how fast it was! :) Good luck!

  4. go without. there ought to be people at the mile markers giving you your pace time. i ran in a 5K this morning and was in the lead and then got lost! i was so pissed. no marking/cone for a turn down a neighborhood street. some slow ladies ended up beating me. it's totally pissing me off!!!

  5. kate - that sucks. it seems to happen a lot for you first place folks, they don't have anyone directing yet - it is like they wait for the average pace folks. sorry


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