Sunday, October 10, 2010


Why is it a PR ? not a PB ? personal best ? what is PR ??

today 5k - 25.39, same race last year was goal was to run in the 25's. and i did it.

more of a race report later. but one thing is I finally feel like my mental game was better than the norm. which makes a huge difference. it made me feel that I can even go faster as I train more and as I get better at the mental toughness.


  1. Personal Record. And it took me forever to figure that out. Everyone was always talking about PB's, then all of a sudden it seemed people were talking about PR's and I was lost for the longest time!

    Congrats on your race!

  2. I have a friend in Scotland who runs and they called it PB over there. Not sure why we call it PR.

    got your message. Love to meet and run! No 5K's going on that I know of. There is a 5M on Halloween Day I was considering.... However, a nice easy run will do if your up for it? Maybe in Central Park or the Hudson River Greenway? Anyway, drop me an email RtisticFXatyahoodotcom.

  3. oooh, that mental toughness thingy is a doozie. it is more than half the race for me for sure.

    nice job!;-)

  4. Just caught up on your blog...or at least the last few posts. Congrats on your PR! I would love to do a 5K that fast! I have a 10 mile race coming up...would like to run the whole thing sub 10 minute miles...the garmin always distracts me for sure. I am obsessed with it!


what are you triing

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