Monday, November 1, 2010


I am tired today, halloween hupla....i am sure i could do a run today but part of me wants to nap while i have my free hour. then i though, why not just take a walk, you know, i don't have to run, but i can get out and get the fresh air and some light exercise.

but the guilt would set in, why i wasn't running, if i could get out and walk, i might as well run ?

can runners just talk a walk ???


  1. I can. I walk intentionally as cross training. :-)

  2. So funny/so true! If you have a dog, there's your excuse to walk.

  3. I think it's great to just take a walk from time to time. Definitely a form of cross training and your heart rate is probably at a level that it is burning more fat than calories! All good things!

  4. bagged the walk and going to take spin at 5, friend teaching and my kids can hang with her kids in sitting room......haven't spun in a long time....

  5. I get those feelings too where if i work out it HAS to be something intense and "worthwhile". Well, when not pregnant at least. LOL

    I hope you did what worked best for you yesterday! And walks are still great.


what are you triing

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