Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finally had our workout date

My tri class was not on this weekend but iron lady sent us a work out to do. I suggested to hubby that he should come to gym with me - we could put the girls in the sitting room and we could workout together. And we did !! Wahoo.

First we did the swim work out which was fun, so much better to do with someone than on your own. We shared some tips and drills. The last part of the work out was to do FAST 25 - 2 times with a 30 sec rest in btw. So we raced. I kept up the first one which I was happy about. We are both competitive so of course we were giving 200%. However, we both got to the wall and had cramps on our calves. So we set off to do the last 25 and I whipped his butt. I was ahead and then his cramp was too much and he had to slow down completely. I was pretty pumped.

We skipped the bike workout (which I feel guilty about now), and just did the run. Hubby had a hurt knee and it was his first time running in about a good 2 months. He just took an easy run, while I did the workout, which was run 20 minutes, 10 min at steady effort, then 5x 1 min hard 1 min easy. I felt good.

I thought it was such a good way to start the day, girls do fine in sitting room and then we all had lunch. He just took the girls to swim at the Y and I really need to take this alone time to clean, laundry, organize. Of course a quiet house, I was up late last night, worked out this am, it is also a great opportunity to nap.....

do you still nap ? do enjoy naps or are you a nap hater ???


  1. Sounds like a great day so far! I do nap. I love them. Actually I just woke up from a nap!

  2. I love taking my son to the Y. He loves the playroom and we go for lunch in their new awesome cafe. I love naps, unfortunately I never have time to take them. sigh.

  3. I would LOVE for the hubs to work out with me. FUN! I love naps- but I am not a 20 minute napper- I need at least two hours to make an impact. Consequently, no time for naps (and my perma-grump 'tude).

  4. oh, i LOVE naps! i'm a way more napper though than my DH. and i do it in ~90 min. they're the best..l;-)

  5. There are times when I love naps, but they usually need to be about 2 hrs for me to really get a benefit from them.

  6. Bike rides together are one of our favorite things. Glad you two got a chance to workout together.

    I am such a nap lover. I would take one everyday if I could :)

  7. Sounds like you and your husband had a great time! My husband and I try to get to the gym together, but it's hard with our schedules.

    Oh, and I LOVE naps, especially on the days that I get up at 4:30 to swim. They are sooo nice.

  8. Hello! I am 41 ! Who doesnt like to take naps?

    I think if your busy enough during the day then your allowed to take a nap. : )


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