Wednesday, April 7, 2010

are you a creature of habit ?

When I go to the gym I like a certain group of treadmills, if they are filled up I will wait till one is free. When I do spin, I have a group of bikes on a side of the room and I always pick something out of that group ?

Are you a creature of habit with workouts ? how


  1. I'm over the top with my creature of habit tendencies! I try to get my swims in on certain days, speedwork on certain days, etc. However--I do try to mix it up from week to week b/c I know my body will quit responding if I don't.

  2. I HAVE to have the same bike at spin class. Drives me crazy if I have to use a different one. It is all about the fan placement and seeing the clock. It is not because I am a little bit crazy :)

  3. yeah - my habit is that I only run outside! heheheheh

  4. oh, i'm a creature of habit all right.
    also w/non work out stuff. like my nightly ice cream i'm having right now, even though i'm not hungry and i'm going to bed in ~15...still need to have it cuz i do every nite!
    he he;-)

  5. I see people in the gym that always stand in the same spot for classes, it's funny. I try to *not* stick to the same spot,

    But yep - on the treadmill, it's this group on not at all.

  6. I am a creature of habit to a point. I do like to have my specific treadmill or bike, but if there is only one treadmill left, I will take it. The bike on the other-hand, I only like a specific kind a the gym so if they are taken I have to do something else.

  7. I am only because I pick the equipment that is in the corner away from where ppl can see me working out. Lame I know. I am just very self concious.


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