Thursday, April 1, 2010

New nutrition regime

So I weighed myself and thought for sure I would have 2 extra lbs or something. NOPE, I did not gain weight.

so my new nutrition regime might be as follows:

bfast - scrambled eggs,bacon and a biscuit

lunch - hamburger with fries or a salad with some chicken

snack - pretzel, popcorn, ice cream - whatever you are in the mood for

dinner - anything you want, ribs, turkey, mashed potatoes it all and go back for seconds

dessert - apple crumble with ice cream
second dessert - twix bar with a coke

exercise - walk the ENTIRE day from 8am till 9pm - even while eating if you must

this is for maintaining not losing, if you want to lose just drop the coke and twix and you should be good

seriously folks - wtf ??

one little lady is sick and napping on couch the other is inside looking for bugs in her belle dress. loving the weather ......


  1. Ha ha...weight is such a crazy thing. I wish I understood it's ups and downs!

  2. I like the sound of that plan!!

  3. So weird, but great- count me in! Welcome back- a two pound weight gain for even looking at a Twix.

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