Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sorry this is a gross post

ok folks today in spin class something smelt BAD. It was not the sweat smell. All I am going to say is anytime the lady next to me got OUT of her seat the smell would waft through the air.

It was bad.

Ever work out with a smell around you that you just couldn't deal with ?


  1. Let me say... Deodorant!! And you're in a gym, please leave the tacky perfume at home. One more, Holy Cats! She needed to do something with her cooch! Everytime we had to get out of the saddle in spin I was about to gag and loose it!!!!

  2. oh yeah! I don't know how many times I have been on the treadmill next to B.O., onions, garlic, cologne and other unidentified odors.....ugh. Sympathies.

  3. Yeah, there has been a couple of times at the gym I get stuck next to the "old" guy who comes into the gym in his leisure suit outfit.

    WTF? Arent you supposed to at the very least
    wear shorts?

    The BO smell is sooooo bad, I have to move, for fear I might vomit.

  4. Too many times! It's usually when I'm on the treadmill at my gym and I'm surrounded by older, very sweaty guys. Barf, gag, bluck! I have almost ended a workout early because of a horrible, horrible smell!

  5. We have all been there!!! EWWW


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