Monday, April 26, 2010

Goals for the week

This sunday I will be running my 9 miles portion of a full marathon relay. Exercise wise I feel ok, but nutrition not so good.

  1. get more fruits and veggies in me this week
  2. get more water in me this week
  3. try to NOT eat crap
Of course i just had a homemade cupcake that was so freaking good that I want the other one. The other one is the one I am saving for hubby, but hubby doesn't love them like I do so why should I save it for him ? Why shouldn't I just eat it NOW and then it won't be in the house and rest of the week there won't be any temptation in the house ...right ? right ??? shit I don't think I have the will power........tomorrow is a new day


  1. did you eat it?! I felt that way about the soda I had in the house. I have taken in too much crap this past week...

  2. LOL, stay away from the cupcake!!! You are so funny...isn't it great how our mind can talk us right into doing something bad like eating another flipping cupcake:) Been there! Sounds like you have some great goals for the week!

  3. have not eaten in YET...but hubby ain't home yet i believe i will finagle half of it....

    teacherwoman now i want a soda !!!

  4. OMG! I sooooo can relate! DID YOU EAT IT?

  5. folks, i didn't eat the cupcake, hubby got home, said he was going to and there it was intact in the am, just gave it to the girls so mama didn't eat it BUT instead i had some peanutbutterr cup ice cream and a freaking english muffin. i could eat and eat and eat ???

  6. I hear that! After my race Sunday I had blueberry and banana stuffed french toast and for dinner, sesame chicken....yeah, not good. I'm back on track far.

  7. For the record, that cupcake would have not made it through the time it took you to type this post. I love my hubby, but, dude, it was a homemade cupcake!

    You are a better wife than I.

    Marathon Relay on Sunday? That wasn't Big Sur was it? Soooo jealous if it was.

  8. RBR - no NJ marathon in long branch

  9. hey, a homemade cupcake ain't crap eh? at least it wasn't the processed stuff at the grocery store??

    good luck w/the goals!


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