Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Today was spin class and it rocked. I just felt like really pushing myself, the music helped and the instructor had us do an endurance workout. However, each time I spin I realize that I NEED to get out on my road bike and start practicing the clip ons.....and it scares me !!! whahhhhh, big baby i know.

I also have seen my weight go up due to the horrible eating habits I acquired in Disney and kept since I have been back. So I am really trying to get back to more fruits and veggies and making the snacks healthy and cutting out the sweets at night.....i have bite size butterfingers and they kill me they are so good.

Very excited for the Biggest Loser tonight. Tomorrow I will run at gym, I have both girls in the am so I can't run outdoors. I will do some interval work on the treadmill.


  1. I would be afraid of the bike falling over and having my feet locked in.

  2. I have to say..yeah, it may be time to get on the bike and practice those clip ons etc.
    You can do it girl!

  3. Hey there! You asked about the slow arm drill on my blog... it's where after your follow through in the base of the stroke and your arm exits the water and you're at the point with high elbow in the recovery part of the stroke you stop with that arm (the other arm should be out front still) for a few seconds and the continue while the other arm pushes hard and fast through the water. One arm "hitches" 1/2 way and then you switch arms for the other 1/2...

  4. Never tried a spin class before . . .


what are you triing

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