Tuesday, April 27, 2010

one thing not to do before your big race

Do not ask/tell iron lady that you are thinking of skipping triclass sat. am for a rest day since you are running 9 miles in a race on sunday b/c she will come back with......NO you will feel much better if you do the tri class sat. am plus she is running the half she told me on sunday.

so basically i need to suck it up and deal.

today NO work out
- good on veggies
-soso on fruits
-soso on water


  1. Hmmm, I think I'd have a mean little comeback for ironlady, but that's just me!

  2. Suck it up and deal?! Sounds like a great lady! :)

  3. no no no she didn't say suck it up and deal, i am saying that. her email was very nice and told me to rest friday, workout with tri class on sat. and i will be good for sunday.....


what are you triing

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