Thursday, April 8, 2010

clip on sucks

So while my little lady was outside riding her bike, I figured now is as good as time as any to try myself on my bike with my clip on shoes. Now if you remember correctly I got the shoes way back in the end of fall, so I did try ONCE to get on my bike and I brought hubby and myself down and I have not been on since.

I do spin all the time and I love it, and I love clipping in.

But I know that it is not the same as on your road bike. I figured I would give it a whirl. I was able to clip in but it is not that easy even after knowing the feel from spin class. I also was holding onto my car while doing it so I have no idea how it works when you have nothing to hold on to. I got on and figure i would try to ride on the grass. I fell right away b/c I had no momentum getting up on the grass. It hurt but luckily i was clipping out and got out while on the ground. I tried again and mentally tried to think of how I need to clip out and that it is easiest when my foot is near the floor, the bottom of the pedal. I got clipped out on my left foot and started falling towards my right but realized I needed to put my left foot down and lean that way. I did it but it was sketchy and quite frankly I really don't feel safe on the open road. I am seriously thinking about asking hubby to put my regular pedals with cages back on and just use the shoes for spin. I feel deflated, and I don't want to give up on it, and realize i did not get a bunch of practice in, but it seems like that thing I can not do. I know I need to think about how many folks out there are using them and they do it, so I can too, but you know.

what to do ???


  1. Don't take your clip-ons off yet! When I first changed to clip-ons, I was so freaked out about falling that everything I knew about balancing on my bike or leaning to one side to put my foot down went out the window. Yes, I fell...several times. And you will probably fall several times more before you get the hang of it. But, once you figure it out you will love it!

    What I did was practice riding up and down my street and when I needed to stop to clip out, I had my husband there to "catch" me if I was going down. That way I knew I wouldn't fall if I couldn't do it right away. Also, there's a way to adjust the pedal so that it makes it a little easier to clip might want to check into that.

    O-kay, here's how I did it in the beginning. When I would get close to having to stop, about 15feet before my stopping point, I would bring my rt. foot down and clip out, then I would bring my lt. foot down and clip out too. That way, both of my feet would be unclipped when I stopped. This is great in the beginning when you're still trying to figure out how to unclip and clip back in. Try it like that for awhile until you get more used to it. Then, you can change to just clipping out on one side.

    I hope this helps! I promise, the more you ride and practice the easier it gets!! Good luck! :)

  2. Don't give up yet! Everything Aimee says is good. I also had my falls, one even on a busy street in NYC (my ego was more bruised than my body). Like anything new it will come. Even a couple of the experienced riders in my group have had an oops! at a stop sign. Don't give up and be patient, it will come and then you will wonder how you ever rode without them.

  3. I am so nervous about all that clipping thing...but right now I have to buy a bike first...and then go through what you are going through right now! Good Luck!

    I am excited to follow along!

  4. Clip your shoes on to the pedals and leave them there. Get on your bike, start pedaling foot on top of shoe clipped in the pedal. Get moving and then learn how to slide your foot into you shoe. Practice, it works and cuts a few seconds off of transition time. Then when you are coming to a stop slide your foot out of your shoe, {shoe still clip on pedal} and pedal with feet on top of shoes and slow to a stop. It works.

  5. Oh don't give up yet! Falling while clipping in our out is inevitable until you get the hang of things. I know that the first time I tried, I practiced in my living room while leaning against the wall. I had a hard time getting my feet unclipped. If it helps, pick one foot as your dominant, mine is my right. This is the foot I always step out with first. It helps if you think "ankles out first". You're going to want to jerk that ankle out. Feel free to be rough! It won't hurt your bike or your shoes! Just yank that ankle outwards and it should pop out real easy!

  6. I agree w/all the fellow peeps! don't take em' off yet. it'll come. and yes, it does sort suck at first, but you will get the hang of it, and you will be a MUCH faster, efficient rider for it!

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