Friday, April 2, 2010

New nutrition regime FAIL

No I didn't gain any weight but man when I went to the gym to do a spin class I felt as if I was going to pass out. I also felt like my stomach was going to give on me at any moment. I have decided to trash my new nutrition regime and stick with the before one. There is no way I want to feel that way when I work out.

No tri class tomorrow but I need to run 5 miles at some point. Hubby is not around tomorrow during the day so I need to either go early AM tomorrow or early AM easter (not really ideal as we want the girls to wake to finding eggs)

Hubby is home early tonight and I am going to go upstairs and have some QT while he plays vid games with the girls.

A while back hubby was into the GREENS drinks and stuff. He is back to it and just bought Maximum Greens by GNC, he is trying to convince me but I don't think I can go there. Do you do GREENS (juice etc). Also have you seen Food Inc, it is going to be on PBS television this month and I think I need to watch it but i am scared, very very scared. Mama likes her meat.

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