Monday, November 29, 2010

back for the moment

let's just say i am waiting for a visitor and she is late. and i am freaking out. but i think we are ok.

due to a quick change of priorities today i did not make it to the gym, and did not get a run outside. no biggie. tomorrow is boot camp with ironlady and i plan on getting my ass kicked as usual.

did you read about weight watchers point system changing ? I think this is great. I think it takes into account nutrition NOT just calories. I did WW once and I lost the weight. It actually feel off. I got down to 114, but i did feel hungry most of the time, it was more about portion then overall health. BUT it did get me to try and eat healthy meals and healthy snacks. i would rather concentrate on healthy stuff going in and overall portion control, i don't want to be starving all the time.

i did not do any cyber shopping today but i should due to the free shipping .....maybe later tonight at 10 while in bed all alone i will get some presents taken care of.

I ordered my xmas cards already, used pinhole press. have not started shopping yet.

last year the gym had a contest about maintaing weight - teams of 3 and my team won !!! i am going to try and maintain again......

i must get over the cold and just go run outside when i can !!!

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  1. i didn't do cyber shopping today either, but i did some on friday.

    sounds like you want the 'visitor' to come; best wishes however that works out...


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