Sunday, November 14, 2010


at this moment i feel peaceful.

i got out and ran sat. am and it was a gorgeous day out, there was a 5mile race but i didn't do it b/c had to get ready for dad's 70th. I felt really good on the run, it was fun, i tried to smile the entire time. I had a new playlist and it was making it feel easy !

here are the stats from the garmin : 2.97 miles in 28.25 (9.34min/miles)
mile 1 - 9.48
mile 2 - 9.38
mile 3 (.97) - 9.16
I never believed in warming up for a race but i always feel good half way into run, it finally makes sense to me to warm up before a race.

Today I attempted to make real italian sauce (gravy) and meatballs. We will be eating soon and I am hoping it was a success. I have been begging my friend for her recipe b/c she makes them and they are like freaking pieces of heaven in my mouth.

I want food shopping - both at whole foods and stop n shop. Do you go to 2 different stores ? I was surprised when I did some price checks that whole foods was not always more expensive.

Menu planned for week and planned exercise for the week. I like being organized like this and ready for the week. The downside is that I like it and then I get anxiety about NOT doing it.

goals for the week
-laundry and more laundry
-attempt a start on organizing playroom
-read more to the girls
-stick to my exercise plan for the week
- reach out to a friend
-have a business idea and need to look into it
-SMILE more


  1. we all need structure and organization to feel at peace- or at least I do!
    Love your town, everyone was so nice, little piece of heaven you got there :)

  2. Hi chica;-)
    organizing a playroom? oy!!! now, that's a challenge!

    like the 'smile more'. ;-) that one resonates for me


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