Wednesday, November 24, 2010

exercise good, nutrition not so good

same ol story. i feel like my exercise is in line and i am on top of it, but my nutrition is not. I have been having my prime time snacks. 4 butterfinger snack size while i watch biggest loser. Oh speaking of BL, tonight there is a where are they now !!! this is like an early xmas present, i live for this type of shit.

ok, my 4 year old asked me if she looked really really hot, and she is not talking about her temp !!! she followed with does hot mean pretty ???? holy lord help me, 4 she is only 4.

i digress.

so nutrition and exercise b/c that is what i try to keep this blog dedicated to. I am starting to consider going for personal training and such. However, I almost feel like a hypacrite if i go eat a butterfinger or mcdess and yet i am teaching people about health and exercise ? you see what i am saying. I do NOT have a flat belly at all, so really who is going to want me to train them to get a flat belly if i don't have one myself ? There use to be a heavy set personal trainer and I just felt like it would be hard to follow her advice ?

I believe I could teach a spin class, and I would love to coach running (beginners mostly) but doing overall personal training or nutrition ? i feel I would not be convincing enough ?

any thoughts on this ?

i am searching for a coach to train me for my olympic tri - checking a local lady out, and then going to compare to some online coaches.

I am thankful. I am grateful. I feel blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving !

any one do the adopt a soldier ?

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