Thursday, November 4, 2010

did you get in ?

That is what hubby asked me today at about 5pm when he phoned from work, i thought did I get in where - was I taking the kids somewhere ? was i locked out ?? then he said, the tri.

We both registered for the lottery for the NYC tri (he did it last year). I asked him if he got in, he didn't tell me, i ran to my computer and checked my inbox to find ....Thank you for applying to the 2011 Nautica NYC Triathlon. Unfortunately, you were not selected in the lottery.

Hubby got in, i didn't. Oh well. Gotta go find an olympic size tri in the tri state region in mid summer. 

what about you - did you get in the nyctri ?


  1. oy...sorry you didn't get in! wah! but i'm sure you'll find a cool race for sure to do

  2. I didn't try to get in. But, you are my 3rd friend that tried to get in, but didn't. I am so not ready for olympic distance yet. I am excited for Jersey Girl this year!!
    There is an olympic in Red Bank in May - brand new race!

  3. Well that's a bummer. You can go be his support crew and he'll be yours when you find a race. I was able to register for Boston and my boyfriend was going to register that night and it closed within 8 hours. He'll be my cheerleader.

  4. I didn't do the lottery. I usually do it with Team In Training. However, this year we will be in Spain during the race (poor me, I know). You could volunteer for a guaranteed spot for 2012 or join a charity team to be in it for this year.

  5. I'm planning to do the Town of Oyster Bay sprint triathlon on Long Island at the end of August. It will be my first one (unless I find an earlier summer one to do as practice.) I know that it fills up fast once registration opens, but it's not a lottery. First come, First serve I believe.


what are you triing

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