Monday, November 15, 2010


damn the meatballs and sauce i made are delish.....i need some mason jars to save the sauce...what do you use to freeze the sauce - what do you store it in ???

ran today. outside. forced myself to do mile intervals in the park that i was doing in the running class. the mile loop is just shy of a mile. i had my garmin. i was able to do .90 in 7.43 for the first one, 7.46, and then 7.4something, i forget but the point is - i managed to kick my ass and get 3 mile intervals in there. and i was damn glad i did it.

i have not had the tv on for a while....rare with my kids. i printed out some blank fashion sketches and they are coloring them.

should i have a xmas party ? cookie swap ? i feel the need to entertain and I NEVER feel that need.

i would like the laundry fairy to come for a few days ???

there is nothing better than snuggling with my girls.

today i ate oatmeal and fruit for bfast, had a toasted english muffin with better for a snack, salad for lunch, larabar (lemon) for a snake and then meatballs and sauce with whole wheat pasta.

do you own a sweaty band ? do you love ? I want to invent a snot rag - it is something you have with you or attached to you while you run so you can wipe the snot away ......

i meet preppy player this weekend. she rocks and her products rock...check her out.


  1. Made me smile with your random thoughts :)

    Thanks for coming by my blog...

  2. I know nothing about freezing sauce. I do know about cookie parties. My mom used to have them when I was a kid, they were awesome!

    Send the laundry fairy over when she is done at your house.

    I don't even know what a sweaty band is. I do snot rockets when outdoors.

  3. The feeling to entertain will pass. If you're super busy, let it pass.

    I just put my sauce in a Glad plastic (yes, how horrible...PLASTIC) and put it in the freezer.

  4. I freeze in pyrex glass bowls. The lids are plastic, so I try not to fill them all the way.

    Nice job on the intervals.

  5. I have a sweaty band. I do love it. It totally works...stays in hair, doesn't creep off. Love it. Worth the money.


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