Tuesday, November 23, 2010

it is all in the attitude

mind over matter.

yesterday for dinner i had mcdees (hamburger and fries - UGHHH - i didn't even want it but i was out with girls and was hungry and we wouldn't be home for a while plus i had no food at home) then i had a banana to try and get something healthy in me, but then i wound up eating 5 to 7 snack size butterfingers (i lost count), a toasted english muffin with butter (lord i love the nooks and crannies) followed by a small bowl of stacy's chips ??? what the heyway was going on ?????

needless to say this am my tummy is not loving me - i started the debate of not going to boot camp b/c i am not sure my tummy well coop with me and i have fears of running to the bathroom in midst of a burpee. But after my oatmeal and some good ol self talk, i realized, so what if i have to leave class, why not go and push through this. get the toxins out of my body with sweat and when done have a healthy smoothie and move forward. I am strong and I can do this.

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  1. That is the worst! I hate days like that. BUT....you don't have to keep it going in a downward spiral! So glad you went to bootcamp and sweated out the crap! Good for you!


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