Sunday, November 21, 2010


i am happy that i exercised every day of the week, however the weekend is a bust. i took a rest day yesterday but today just don't have it in me. honestly i might do a walk and that is it. but it is ok.

had a break down last night. emotional. kids were horrible. hubby was grumpy. the perfect storm. felt like all falls on me, managing everyone's mood.

i am thankful. life is full of ups and downs. it is ok to breakdown.

i am decorating challenged. i suck ass at it. it causes major stress just thinking about it. i am obsessed with it right now b/c we are looking at houses to buy and i see how nice folks have done their homes. then if we don't buy and we stay i want to do each room in this house. it causes stress. i wish i had the decorating gene, but i don't.

i am wondering if my body is in shock from NOT working out 2 days in a row and needs it ? b/c i feel jittery.

i am trying to have good energy. to smile and realize that our life on this earth can all be good if we choose that. anybody understand ? anybody try this and see results ?

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  1. I am a strong believer in FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT. No matter how shitty you're feeling, PRETEND IT'S OKAY and, eventually, you'll feel a little better. This sound stupid, but I wear it works. Eventually my fake smile becomes a real one.


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