Thursday, November 18, 2010

if it is not one sweet it is another

so first it has always been the reese's peanut butter cup, then it was leaning towards the butterfinger, oh and there was that butterscotch phase. Now it is chocolate covered pretzels. damn them...damn them !!!!!

On a good roll with workouts, monday - ran, tuesday - boot camp, wed - run, thur - spin, and tomorrow hoping to keep on and another boot camp.

I am really jonesing to take yoga, there is an 8am basic yoga class at the gym that i want to take. hoping to make that happen sat. am. although i am highly concerned about my gas issues on the treadmill. i would imagine yoga will be even harder.

do you think you go through phases of fav. foods ? i was always a picky eater. texture played a big part of my pickiness. i hated crunchy ie celery (still do), hated mushy stuff, like a big bowl of chile - looked like a bunch of scary stuff i didn't know what was in it. However, i currently love mush it. i love oatmeal (mush), chili (mush) bolognese(mush), roasted veggie soup that i make more thick so it is mush ????

any food phases you have had ? texture issues ??


  1. I'm not sure about food or texture *issues*, but I'm in love with Chobani yogurt with granola. I love the contrasting texture between the two. I eat it for breakfast and often has it again as a snack!

  2. Right now I am in love with soy yogurt vanilla and multigrain Cheerios.Serving size of each yummy!!!

  3. I go through food phases fairly often. LOVE chocolate pretzels, but can't keep them around because I eat them all in one sitting - haha! I've been in an oatmeal-for-breakfast-everyday phase for quite awhile, but other than that, no real food crushes right now.


what are you triing

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