Wednesday, November 10, 2010

just keeping track

i am writing every day more for myself and the fact of how my day went against some goals for the week.

I did workout today - ran 4 miles on the dreadmill. I probably could have gone outside but i hate wind. It was cloudy and dark, however half way thru my run on the dreadmill i saw the son and was bummed.

I caved and got a whole wheat bagel with butter - ate it and then had some leftover soup. For dinner i made the mexican meal, it sucked. the past few times i have made mexican i have been very very disappointed....

tomorrow night hubby and i are going out to eat so i am going to let myself eat what i want and just do portion control. gotta figure out lunch...might just do quick salad at home but i don't have much of my standards, ie. tomotoes, croutons and nuts..........hoping i don't fail.

i will either do my running class tomorrow or spin...need to figure out timing with hubby b/c he has off. wahoo..

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  1. I am a HORRIBLE cook, especially of Mexican food, but I just keep trying. One day...
    have a great workout tomorrow!


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