Sunday, November 7, 2010

good start to the week

Although I did not get to run today, I did get to go food shopping and I meal planned. I also had to clean the house for a showing. So I have a clean house and food for the week, with meals planned to cook. This feeling is pretty good.

So I will put some goals for the week:

make 3 meals for dinner this week, roasted veggie soup from Pioneer Woman, mexican burritos and on sunday I am attempting meatballs and sauce from scratch.

workouts - monday - run, tues - bootcamp, wed - run, thur - run,friday bootcamp.

shop - need outfits for a family photo on satruday

work on a better bedtime habit for girls - less tv in evening for them

getting more fruit and veggies in my kids. tonight i started and made them eat some carrots - even if it was one, i wanted them to eat one.



  1. Sometimes planning a few good meals and workouts for the week is the best way to start a week!

  2. Nice goals. I like the cooking goals, I need to start that when we get home from this trip! I felt so disorganized during the month of October. Thanks for motivating me!


what are you triing

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