Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i have not showered in 2 days

within those 2 days i have worked out

i will let you imagine the smell

i am going to shower tonight...

but tomorrow i ride ...spin that is

made sloppy joes tonight...ehhh, nothing great

i am thawing more of the sauce and balls b/c they were delish and i want them

lotta red meat this week

what brand vitamins do you take ??

reading a great book "everyman dies alone "



  1. is the book happy or sad?...

    and don't take vitamins at the moment.. know I should, so thanks for the reminder!

    and i can't smell ya from here...;-)

  2. Plus one to what AM says...we can't smell you, so it's all good on our end!


what are you triing

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