Monday, November 8, 2010

goal updates

ran today, had to run on treadmill, i don't usually have tummy problems but let's just say today was a bit difficult on the treadmill b/c i had to concentrate on holding in gas. but i did wind up doing at least 3 miles plus.

made the soup and it was good, i even made the girls try it, i thought they would love it, they didn't but just them trying is a start.

yelling, i am really trying to focus and recognize when i get to the yelling point and pulling back. it is helping.

i have been on eating frenzy and i am finally stopping.

tomorrow boot camp. leftover soup.

Also trying to get some normal stuff done. Booked a ski trip for us and the girls. It will be the first time the girls go skiing. Lord help us.

life is good. i am thankful.

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  1. Hi there;-)
    like this post. for all the points you covered.

    and your ski trip will be priceless. yes, i'm sure it'll be filled w/many possible 'i wanna yell my head off' moments, but still priceless;-)


what are you triing

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