Tuesday, November 9, 2010

on a good roll

went to boot camp class today. ironlady kills me. i hate her with that love/hate feel for a personal trainer.

i ate ok, did the shake after the workout, but i did treat myself for lunch with sweet potato fries and mini burgers that are so yummy from local place.

dinner - leftover soup - YUM - can i freeze the soup now ???? i should always be freezing half of what i make b/c i don't want to throw out and i have planned to cooke mexican tomorrow night - already thawing the turkey out.

i need to do the wait after i eat before i serve myself seconds. after i have my meal, i am ready to go fill my plate up and get more b/c i still feel hungry and it was yummy (granted it is chuckful of veggies) but i held off and suddenly i no longer feel the hunger but satisfied and do not need any. i know you can estimate calories and such but i would love it if some machine just scanned your plate and gave you the calorie number.

I bought some dark chocolate covered pretzels and that has been my treat at night. control. it works.

I signed up for my first Olympic size tri. Holy cow. I am most likely getting a coach, to keep me in a line. I am thinking i would prefer someone online as opposed to ironlady for reasons i will go into another time.


  1. love/hate --- the story of my life. ;)

    YAY for dark chocolate. I'm with you. It's the best treat to keep in the house because it's so strong I never want to eat the whole thing. YAY!

    YAY for OLYMPIC SIZE TRI!!!! You rock.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE dark chocolate covered pretzels!!!!


what are you triing

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