Monday, June 28, 2010

aura migraine

i got hit with an aura migraine. i do not get pain, i basically get swiss cheese in my sight. i am unable to see peripheral vision. it is scary and sucks. i was at lunch w the girls and seriously thought we were going to have to call for someone to drive us home. it went away - i wore sunglasses inside. rested the rest of the day and feel crappy and ate crappy. hoping tomorrow is a better day.

before i got the aura i did my workout with trainer. it was a bit easier than other workouts but i also think my mental strength is kicking in as well.

i always try to figure out a trigger for the auras. anyone else get these ???


  1. i don't get them, but it sounds like it sucks. sorry I can't help.

  2. I get those too! Although, sometimes I do end up with the severe, blinding pain, but not always. It's a toss up and I have found no rhyme or reason.

  3. I get migranes but never the "aura" type. THank goodness.

    I have heard that dairy products can do it.
    Me personally I get them when I am stressed and my immmune system is low.

    SOrry to hear cause they do suck.

  4. I don't- but it sounds wretched. I am sorry!


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