Saturday, June 26, 2010

a journey

this post might sound a bit hokey but here it goes. I am on a journey. I have been working on some things in my life and I am learning A WHOLE LOT about myself. What I find amazing is that it applies to every aspect of my life, even exercise.

I hold back. I say I can't. Trust me I am at the gym almost every day working out. But showing up is only HALF of it, you need to be there and be ready to give 100%. I did a spin class on Friday and I used more resistant than I have in the past. I was pushing myself and challenging myself. Instead of saying I am saving myself for the end OR I can't do this, I just turned the knob and said give it a try, you can always turn it down. About a third of the way in I was smiling, I was happy and I got that really good feeling that I was pushing myself and it was FUN. I was able to look at it as a challenge and to give the 100% was fun. I let go. I need to do that more in every aspect of my life.

Today I ran and I was tempted to stop at 3 miles, but I had some more of the loop to finish and I said, I can do this, I don't have to go fast I can just chug along and get the miles in. It felt great.

I never realized that pushing yourself would take learning. Turning that mindset from I can't do this OR i don't want to do this (even though you are doing it - those thoughts just don't help) TO I can do this, I will try to do this, I will give it my all, isn't that why I am out here. It helps, it works. I hope my whole attitude is ready for this change and journey.


  1. Totally NOT hokey! As my coach would say, "Your are learning mental toughness and it is a process." I have been traveling down that same road. I had no idea when I got into this how much the mental factor played into what I was doing, especially if I wanted to improve. Good for you!!!

    Life is a journey, not a destination....

  2. This is soooo not hokey. I love this post b/c it's so true. I have recently realized that almost everything ends up being mental - as in talking myself out of everything, from thinking there's no way I can run x miles, to not being able to lift x amount of weight or even down to being able to make certain recipes. When we start to change that mindset, the possibilities are limitless!

  3. You are getting so mentally strong!! Yes it is all about continuing to push on even when every part of you wants to quit. That takes extreme mental and physical strength.

    YES!! It was Natalie Morales not Meridith! Thanks for the catch.


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