Tuesday, June 29, 2010

heat, boardwalk

i am recovered from the aura migraine, i did research last night and i am thinking of going off the pill. it was stated that ladies who have aura migraines and are on birth control have a higher chance of having a stroke. nice.

I ran on the boardwalk today, almost 4 miles. It was hot hot hot. I was not concerned with time, just wanted to get the miles done.

some goals
-more water and less ice t, i love me a big ice t from dunkin donuts and right now any size is 99cents.
-eat the fresh jersey tomatoes i bought at a farmstand asap so they do not go bad.
-stretch more
-read more with the girls
-book a sitter and have a date with hubby


  1. I was only on the pill for a very short time of my life. Too many issue with it for me (including it made me feel sick). These days there are several other options out there,I'm sure you'll find something that works for you

  2. I actually liked being on it, but my skin did not; melasma. sigh. So I have gone off....again.

    I love tomatoes this time of year. I probably shouldn't eat them this way, but I cut them up and then sprinkle a little of Jane's Crazy Mixed Up Salt on them, yum!!

  3. Just a warning: I was on the pill for years... went off when I had the boy, and then had the Hubs "fixed." Of course, my period became irregular (two per month most of the time) so I now have an implant in my arm- Norplant I think. I can only imagine the possible side effects... sending good karma your way!


what are you triing

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